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With DVD Shrink Free, users can finish DVD decryption and backup DVD on hard drive in one step ,save your time with one program. As one of the best DVD copy software, DVD Shrink Free make you so easy to copy DVD for backup from disc to disc, disc to folder and disc to ISO image files. Besides disc, it also allows you to import the source DVD movies from PC folder and ISO image as well.

This DVD burning software is able to backup DVD on hard drive with perfect output quality. Want to backup DVD-9 to DVD-9?No problem, A4 DVD burner can do it. Want to copy DVD-5 to DVD-5?Movie DVD Copy is here!Want to burn DVD folder or ISO file from hard drive to DVDs? A4 DVD burning software can help! Over time DVD burners have become a very common and standard piece of hardware for all computers today. No doubt if you purchase a new computer it will come standard with one, and you may even want to put one in your older computer if you feel it is worth it. Some computers may not be able to handle the new technology, so in some cases it may be in your best interest to go ahead and purchase a new computer.

Do you want to use old CD/DVD rewritable disks? Well, some backup software comes with the functionality to erase the media before it ever starts to backup your data. This would be nice if you don't have a bunch of data and want to recycle some of those rewritable disks that you no longer have a use for. A4 DVD burning software is desgined for home users to burn their favorite DVD movies easliy but with high quality and user-friendly interface. To burn DVD without limitations you need a DVD burning software that can bypass these protection schemes. A good example would be DVD Shrink Free. Don't worry about configurations if you are a noob user these software's are automatically configured during installation.

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